How we approach soccer betting

A lot of people are betting on sporting events only for the sheer fun of bets

Sometimes they win, sometimes don’t, but for them it’s not that important – they are happy to deposit funds in their accounts regularly and they do not think whether they make a profit in the long run or consider how much they lose.

We, as professional football tipsters, have a radically different approach to this activity, and in this article you will see what we do to do to provide a more professional attitude towards betting and gambling in general.

How we bet – analyzing the event in advance

There is a football game tonight on TV and you think the hosts will win. The bookmaker offers a good odds for the host and without thinking, you are rushing forward and betting for this team. This approach seems to be OK, and this is the approach used by many bettors. However, we would will look in a totally different way at the game.

First, the fact that the match is on TV and the bettor wants to watch it should not have any influence from the point of view of the professional bettor. Everything that we are interested in is whether the given match falls within the scope of our field of expertise. The first step we will take is to evaluate the game the way we think the odds should be distributed – this is often done using our spreadsheet program, but it may be based on our vast experience. Once we are ready with the fair odds in our opinion (which in the same way can be said to evaluate the chances of both teams), we will compare the odds with the odds of the bookmaker and if we judge that there is one or more profitable odds we can bet on, we will. For example, even if we think the host has a slightly greater chance of winning, if the Odds for the hosts is too low and for the guests it is very high, we will find the value in the bet on the guest.

There are occasions when we will not cling to that value immediately, especially if we think that the odds can change for our benefit. As experts in this sport, we may find that changes in circumstances surrounding the match will increase the odds in our advance. The other players’ bets can also affect the Odds – when a bet is being bet on massivly, the bookmaker takes down the odds for it and raises the Odds for the opposite bet.

How we bet – analyzing after the event

An average bettor has two ways to analyze a game once it’s over. One of them is “My bet has won” and the other is “My bet does not win”. If the bet won, the player is likely to be more confident in his next bet, whereas if the bet was a Loss, the player may either feel unhappy and lose confidence, or vice versa – get angry and take a more aggressive approach in the next bet to make up for the losses.

We are not particularly concerned about the outcome of each bet – our bank management plan will take care of balancing winnings and losses. We are more interested in how the match progressed and whether our pre-match evaluation was correct. We will ask questions such as, “Did we correctly assess the weight of each factor when we were evaluating the chances?” Or “Was the final result a real reflection of the real chances of both teams before the match?” The reason for asking these questions lies in the fact that the professional always strives to improve skills and wants to be sure his betting approach is optimal.

How we bet – dealing with good and bad series

The usual betting enthusiasts may think that dealing with the good series is very easy – but many people are doing totally wrong things when they have a series of winning bets. A good winning series should mean winning, but with a lot of gamblers it’s just means increase in stakes, until all the money from the good series goes away – fun as the series lasts, but ultimately results in no profit at the end. The bad series may mean several bank recharges or a complete loss of confidence and quitting gambling at least for a while.

As professionals, we will not pay much attention to either a good or a bad series. We know that good and bad series are happening, and we know that in betting we can not avoid either, so there is no point in overthinking it – we simply stick to the overall plan.

How we bet – statistics

The vast majority of bettors do not even think about what has happened in their betting activity – they just bet.

We keep statistics of all our bets – and that has many positive effects.
First of all, it is very easy for us to see how well our strategies work, which helps us in the future betting process. Secondl, we will know what our bank’s lower limit was at any time, and based on that we will know how much to bet on our next bet or series of bets. Third, the mere act of keeping accounts helps us to be organized and disciplined.

How we bet – withdrawing funds

We withdraw funds from our accounts on a regular basis, perhaps every month as it happens in a normal everyday job. Based on the systems we’ve applied, we will have some expectation of what we will earn within the month and take a percentage of that amount on a monthly basis – so it will not be affected by a good month or a weak month. A good month means that there will be more money in the bill to deal with the bad months and vice versa.

In conclusion

Becoming a professional bettor is not easy and very few people have managed to do so. You can consider it as an opportunity only if you are 100% sure that you will be able to withstand the bets, and this can only happen after you’ve been keeping performance statistics over a long period of time. Unless you have reached this stage, do not risk it and let our Team of professionals do the trick for you.

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