New! Bankroll Management Advise with each Soccer Tip

Starting today, 07.02.18 we will begin suggesting you the best amount to bet on each of our daily tips.

Of course, you can bet as much as you want on each event, but to prevent you from losing too much money while on a bad streak, it would be best for you to follow our professional advise.
Everybody has a different starting betting budget and during the time it changes with the outcome of the bets. To make things universal and easy to use, we will introduce our new Point system.

Here’s how it will look when we send you the Tip:

Asian Handicap today:

Start: 19:30
League: Germany
Teams: Team 1 vs Team 2
Tip: -0.5 Home
Odd: 1.80
Stakes: 1 Point*

The Stakes section will suggest the amount of money you should bet on this particular event.
In this case it is 1 Point.
To find out how much money is 1 Point in your case, please divide your whole betting budget by 20.

For example:
Your betting budget is 3000 euro.
3000 / 20 = 150 euro, so 1 Point in your case is 150 euro.
(2 Points are 200 euro, 1/2 Point is 75 euro, etc.)
So in this example, the betting amount should be 150 euro.

N.B! Do not forget to update your calculations as your bank grows/shrinks!
If your banks grows to 4000 euro, 1 Point will become 200 euro!
If your banks shrinks to 2000 euro, 1 Point will become 100 euro!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
Good Luck!

BTG Team