Tips History

Our results are open for anyone to view. Please click on one of the buttons below to navigate to the desired service’s archive.

Why should you get familiar with our tips history?

Peace of mind

You will be delighted to see how well we have done trough the years. A constant win rate of over 70% means that our subscribers are always on profit!

It gives you information about the types of bets we use most

This gives you knowledge about the betting process and saves you time when you place your bets.

Real results

Once you start using our services, you will see for yourself that all records in our history are from tips that we have actually provided to our clients.

Why we are the Best Paid Betting Tipsters for you?


We have over 15 years of providing our top-quality Betting Tips Paid Service.


As one of The Best Tipster Platforms, we win at least 75% of our predictions on a yearly basis.


We will lead you through the journey of winning with our paid betting tips for free!

Frequently asked questions

How can I see results from past years?

Full tip history since 2016 has been hidden due to security reasons.
Please contact us if you have interest to check it and we will be more than happy to provide it to you.

Do you manipulate your tips history?

All the results in our tips history are factual and represent exactly what was provided to our clients.

The odds for a tip seem wrong?

The events we choose are supported by most bookmakers, but we cannot show everybody’s odds in one row, so, as a rule of thumb, we show the odds from Bet365, as it is the most used one by our clients.

The end result of an event seems wrong?

Do not hesitate to warn us if you notice a mistake in our archives, a typo could happen to anyone.
We are more focused on picking the best events for you and everything else is less important to us.

What if an event is postponed?

We mark it as “Postponed” and once the event is played, we update the result in the tips history.

How can I calculate the win rate for a given month from your history?

Simply divide the number of winning tips by the number of total tips for the month, then multiple the result by 100.
25 winning tips / 31 total tips x 100 = 80.6% win rate